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  • 3/15/23—Staying safe online: link
  • 3/14/23—Windows 10, 11, and 12. Not all pcs that run windows 10 have the hardware that Microsoft demands in order to run Windows 11. FYI Microsoft will stop issuing security patches to Windows 10 sometime in the fall of 2025. If you do not like some of what you have heard about Windows 11, Microsoft plans to release Windows 12 sometime in 2024. It’s my understanding that Windows 12 is to Windows 11 like Windows 7 was to Vista, or like 10 was to 8…….a more finished/refined operating system.
  • 3/13/23—just when you thought you knew all the keyboard shortcuts you needed, here comes a new list: shortcuts
  • 2/14/23 Learning how hackers “hack” your accounts and what you can do about it.
  • 2/1/23 Have you made these identity theft errors???
  • 1/4/23—-Internet Safety: 7 Steps to Staying Safe Online : Ask Leo
  • 11/29/22—If you are still running Windows 8.1, time is running out for support for the system, but you still might be able to upgrade for free: go here
  • 11/12/22—Windows 10 versus Windows 11
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