Rally Guided Ride Routes and Other Resources

If you have not used Google Maps before, on the left column you can click on ‘details’ and get directions. Now, their direction may not tell you what you want the way you want, so better check them against the map. Click on ‘gas’ and get the gas stations in the area.

“Notes” can be viewed or downloaded and viewed in Word.

Microsoft has a free word viewer that you can get here called DOC Viewer (you can x out of the sign me up window).

Arkansas Dragon Tail:

TraditionalBranson to Dragon tail and back to 7

New StartBranson to Dragon Tail and back to 7Notes

Peel Ferry Route: Branson to Peel Ferry and return : Notes

Beaver Bridge, Beaver Dam, Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs Route:

  1. Branson to Beaver, Eureka Springs and return : Notes
  2. Branson to Eureka Springs, Crescent Hotel, Thorncrown, Beaver Dam and bridge part 1part 2 : Notes

Twisted Sister #1 (N.E.)Branson to Sparta and return: Notes

Twisted Sister #2 (N.E.): Branson to Sparta : Notes

Branson Shuffle #1Branson to Cassville and returnNotes

Branson Shuffle #2: Branson to Cassville and returnNotes

Sneaky Snake #1Eastern Route #1 : Notes

Possibly Future Routes?

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