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Hi everyone, welcome to the new website! As there are no plans (at the moment) to have a newsletter, this will be one way to communicate between ourselves. And before I forget, you can email me (Dale–webmaster) at: MissouriEagleWings@gmail.com.

2/1/23 I received this message today—–Hi Folks—-got this message today from a Lee Deprey from somewhere n the USA ( ldeprey52@gmail.com ) “I have a Wing World magazine collection from June 2000 through September 2022 if you know of someone who might be interested. Every issue is in excellent condition and all in 3 ring binders. Thanks in advance.” If you are interested, you can contact him.

11/2022 One thing on my mind is the state Rally this summer along with the guided rides. At the Ops meeting there were several people that volunteered to help. I have no idea how many people we will have at the Rally, but last year we had 14 rides that needed Ride Captains and Drags, and 4, 4-hour shifts at the registration tent.

So far, if I took down notes correctly (ha, ha, yeah right) I have the following:

And please let me know if I need to change something!

Ride CaptainDragRegistration tent/booth
DaleBob Wilkerson
G & N Hord
Bob & Linda Evans
Ryan Tinkler
Bob Phelps

So, please let me know if I need to change something and please let me know if you can volunteer to help with the rides and or the registration booth. We need volunteers!! Thank you!!

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